Eight Things You Should Know Portugal

Portugal is popular for its waters, Cristiano Ronaldo and food. However, there’s more to these than what you may have known about this country. If you are planning to have a voyage Portugal, below are some of the things you should know about Portugal.

It is One of Europe’s Oldest Cities

Portugal borders have been unchanged since 1297. The country also had one of the biggest stretching from Brazil to China as well as one of the longest running empires.

Its Language is Spoken by Millions

About ten million inhabitants in the country speak Portuguese and 230 million by other people across the globe. Portuguese is the sixth most used language in the internet and is the official language of nine countries.

It Lets you Interact with Dolphins

In Portugal, visitors can swim in the pools with dolphins, particularly in Algarve’s Zoomarine park. The country’s Dolphin Interaction programme gets visitors up close and personal with these amazing creatures.


Accounts for the World’s Cork Production

Portugal accounts for half of the cork production of the world with the best cork from the Algarve. Major brands like NASA, Airbus, Rolls Royce and Moet Chandon use Portuguese cork.  And in 21018, the European Space Agency will represent Portuguese cork in their spacecraft in their Mars mission.

Has the World’s Biggest Artificial Underwater Park

This park is located in the ocean off the coast of Algarve. The Ocean Revival Underwater Park has 4 decommissioned Portuguese navy ships that nestle on the seabed where there is a rich evolving ecosystem and diving attractions.


Boasts the Advanced ATM System Multibanco

Before internet banking became the norm, people in Portugal can do their banking as well as pay their taxes and bills at their local Multibanco. These days, there are more than sixty operations possible through the ATM system that include donating to charities, buying concert tickets and topping up the phone credit.

Portugal has the World’s Bookshop

Lisbon’s Bertrand has bend in business since 1732. It is the Bertrand chain’s cornerstone. The original shop’s location has been changed because of the 1755 earthquake; however, has been located at Rua Garrett since. Also, Porto has the Lello bookstore, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the country and voted the world’s third most beautiful bookstore.


Has Some of the Largest and Best Waves

These waves can be found at Nazare. Because of the geography and topography, monster waves batter the area’s coastline, attracting surfers from different parts of the globe.


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