Awesome Tips To Help You Choose The Right Immigration Consultant

Immigration consultants are professionals who are licensed to assist immigrants to become residents in another country like Canada. As immigration rules and laws vary from one country to another, hiring an immigration consultant is likely to help depending on the particular circumstance of a person. In case you decide to hire an immigration consultant, the following are some steps that can guide you through making the right choice.

consultants are professionals

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations from Family and Friends

Check if there are some people you know who has already moved to the country you wish to move to. If you want to immigrate to Canada from the USA, ask about their experience with immigration and inquire about the name of their recommended consultant.

Verify the Consultant’s Experience and Qualifications

As you meet the immigration consultant, request to see a diploma or license to verify the qualifications’ validity. Also, you may wish to ask them for references and their previous experiences with consulting and the length of time they have been doing their job. In case you hire an immigration consultant in a province or country where immigration consultants are government-regulated, you may directly get in touch with the regulating body in order to verify the consultant’s credentials. In a number of countries, you have the Better Business Bureau to contact for the credentials’ verification.

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Identify and Understand All Services and Fees

Get a copy of the fees and services of your chosen immigration consultant in writing right away and ensure you really understand them. Ask about extra services. Some of these consultants offer help with searching a new house and job, looking for quality health insurance, opening a new bank account and enrolling your kid in school. In case you need particular assistance as you move, ensure that the consultant can be of help to you in terms of this need.

Moreover, you have to decide on the consultant’s geographical location. A number of immigrants are likely to prefer to hire a local consultant or one who lives in the country they plan to relocate in. It can be easier to hire a local consultant in terms of in-person meeting and completion of essential documents.

Understand All Services

Ask How you Should Prepare for the Visa Interview

Verify that your possible immigration consultant has the willingness to coach you on your preparation for your visa interview. Experienced immigration consultants won’t just help with this, but may also carry out mock interviews with you.

Make Sure you Read Thoroughly all the Contracts and Paperwork before you Sign

You have to sign contracts with your chosen consultant only after you read papers through entirely. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you want something to be clarified on the paperwork which may seem unclear and do not sign any falsified document.

Immigration consultants Paperwork

Some countries are likely to require applicants to inform the immigration office when they hire a different consultant. In case you decide to hire a consultant in the new country you want to immigrate to, ensure that you know about the time zone difference. Being able to communicate with your consultant who has a different time zone is likely to prove challenging when your schedule conflicts.


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