8 Visa-Free Countries Where Indian Passport Holders Can Travel To

International vacations are not a dream anymore. Just get a valid passport from passport office Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city in India, book your tickets, and pack your bags. Indian passport holders can now easily opt for international vacations with visa-free options. Currently, 24 countries allow visa-free entry to Indian passport holders and 27 countries provide visa on arrival. Here is a list of few visa-free countries for Indian passport holders.


Bhutan doesn’t require any visa for 30 days. The only things you require are valid travel documents along with Indian passport having a validity of minimum 6 months and a voter’s ID card issued by the Indian Government. Book your stay in Bhutan for up to one month as per your preference and travel back to India before your visa expires.

The British Virgin Islands

This territory provides Indian passport holders with the visa on arrival. They provide Indians with a 31-day visa-free stay. The only thing required to make your stay safe here is that you must carry both onward and return reservations along with the required travel documents.


This country also doesn’t require any visa to travel. They provide 30 days visa-free stay with a letter of invitation from the host.

Hong Kong

This is one of the beautiful Asian countries having the best nightlife. Hong Kong offers 14 days visa-free visit for Indian passport holders. This period is more than enough to explore Hong Kong.


This is another beautiful place, which everyone needs to visit. It has some beautiful beaches around the world. Interestingly, a visa is not required for up to 4 months (120 days) for Indian passport holders to stay in Fiji.


Jamaica is another scenic place, which every one of us needs to visit. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Lush mountains and thriving nightlife are some of the best attractions of Jamaica. It is a visa-free destination for Indian passport holders.


This is a great destination for honeymoon couples. It is also the perfect choice for family trips. Few interesting things one can try over here are scuba diving, skydiving, and sailing. Mauritius offers a 60-day visa-free stay for Indians.


What else would be a better choice than visiting the neighboring country Nepal? If you want to enjoy in the lap of nature, then this is the best place to visit. This is a passport and visa-free country for Indians. Indians can even work there without any special papers.

These are some of the best destinations where Indians can travel without any visa.


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